When Caricature Becomes Reality

It’s another scorcher in the Twin Cities today, with the temps predicted to top out at 99. Of course the heat index will be WAY higher than that, perhaps approaching 175 degrees, or at least that’s what the hyperventilating weather-persons would have us believe. (I’ll save my rant for the stupidity of this so-called “heat index” for another post).

We’ve had a couple of runs at this hot weather in Minnesota this month. My family and friends blame me, saying I brought it with me from Beijing. I tell them to stop whining….at least the sky is blue and the air is breathable.

On another super hot day a couple of weeks ago my mom, sister, and I went for an afternoon drive (we like to do that) and stopped in a small town for lunch and to fill up the gas tank.

When I went inside to pay for the gas (the old-fashioned way), and handed my credit card to the lady behind the counter, she turned to me and said, in a thick Minnesota twang, “Hot enough for ya?”

I replied with the only cultural-linguistically appropriate response to such a comment: “Yup, sure is!”

Sometimes caricature is reality.

(Image source: The Filtered Files)


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2 thoughts on “When Caricature Becomes Reality

  1. And then there was Wuhan back in 2003 (ELIC), where the temperature never got higher than 40 C no matter how hot it got. Of course, if it went higher than 40 C–which we’re sure it did–who would want to know?

    • It was a matter of the government not wanting the people to know. Excessively high temperatures might make China lose face. Also, work units had to give time off when it got above 40, so…..it never got above 40. Seriously