High School Students in the 1980’s

The “Ministry of Tofu” website has posted some great photos of high school students in the 1980’s.  They bring back some pretty powerful memories.  Maybe it’s time for me to get out my 80’s photos….

Here is the explanation of the series, and one of the photos:

A series of photos taken back in the 1980s by Chinese photographer Ren Shulin (任曙林) of junior high and high school students were put on display in Beijing’s 798 Art Zone, a thriving artists’ community similar to New York City’s Soho some time ago. NetEase posted these photos on its website.

China in the 1980s was still an economic backwater where resources were scarce and life was very simple. Chinese economy did not show a sign of taking off until early 1990s.

Many netizens who saw the photo series reminisced about their youth and age of innocence while expressing a healthy dose of aversion for today’s society.

Go here to see all the photos.