If You Don’t Hear from Me for Awhile….

…I will be glued to my computer wading through some LIFE Magazine’s entire collection of China photos, that have recently been made available through the Google Image search.  Old pictures of Beijing.   Old pictures of Shanghai.  Old pictures of a China that no longer exists. It’s just too much for this history and photography buff to resist.  Here are two of my favorites so far:

This image is looking north at what is today Tiananmen Square.  Qianmen Street runs between the two towers in the lower portion of the photo.

I’m not sure, but am guessing that this corner of the old city wall is Xizhimen.  That’s the only place I can think of where the wall (and today’s Second Ring Road) ran at that angle.

Here’s the general search for China. 

Here’s the general search for Beijing.   And Peking.

Have fun!  Don’t let your boss catch you!