Dead computer

Last week, while I was working in the library, a message appeared on my screen telling me that my hard drive was about to fail and that I must back up its contents NOW! I will be honest with you and say I didn't take it seriously at first — thought it was kind of like the "check engine" light on the car, which half the time doesn't mean anything.
After the 3rd or 4th time, however, I decided to take it seriously and back everything up. Good thing I did that since, by the next morning, she was dead as a door nail.
So now "Big Red" (my red Toshiba) has gone away for a brain replacement and left me floundering.
I will resume my book posts once she is back.

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One thought on “Dead computer

  1. Joann, I’m confused as to whether my comment has gone through or needs to be re-entered … so this may be a paraphrased re-entry!
    I’ll take a few days of floundering anytime in exchange for not losing all my stuff!