Happy Thanksgiving

A week after knee surgery in Hong Kong, here are some specific things I’m thankful for…..

  •  A skilled and attentive surgeon
  • Great care at Matilda Hospital
  • A smooth trip back to Beijing (wheelchair service at both airports, on-time flight, and an empty seat next to me)
  • A warm apartment in Beijing
  • A fantastic set of crutches
  • Friends who are keeping me company and keeping my fridge filled with food
  • That I was able to give myself injections….and that I don’t have to do that anymore!
  • Good physical therapy at the Beijing SOS Clinic
  • Minimal pain, although I found out today that one reason is because I’ve been doing an exercise wrongly!  “No pain, no gain” is NOT just a silly saying.
  • That each day The Great Physician gives me what I need for that day. Not more, not less.

A friend brought turkey / mashed potatoes over tonight from a dinner I was invited to, but unable to attend. Here’s hoping yours is / was a Happy Thanksgiving.

And a couple of photos……

2 crazy friends from New Mexico “happened” to be in Hong Kong the day of surgery, so they helped turn my hospital check-in into a party.

A couple hours before surgery, the doctor came in and produced this piece of art to help him make sure to operate on the right (correct) knee.