Bubble Cop

A couple of weeks ago, my favorite taxi driver, Mr. Z  was taking me to the Beijing airport to catch a flight to Bangkok.  As we were on the airport expressway, nearing the terminal building, the traffic slowed significantly as we approached a construction site.

Mr. Z. wondered aloud if we’d see my “lao pengyou (old friend).”  Old friend?  What old friend might I be seeing out here on the expressway?  “You know, the fake policeman that we saw last time I took you to the airport!”

I laughed out loud remembering that in the middle of this construction site is a plastic blow up policeman standing there warning drivers to slow down.  We had both cracked up when we had seen it.  Since we had slowed down, I whipped out my camera in hopes of catching the Bubble Cop on duty.

I was not disappointed!  Watch for him the next time you’re flying out of Beijing!