Birthday Cards

My mom (aka “Gracie”) turned 90 on April 22. To help her celebrate the big occasion, my sister and I launched a campaign for her to receive 90 birthday cards. By the end of the day on the 22nd, she had received 136!!!


We had a lovely brunch with family and a few friends on Saturday morning. In the afternoon, we made arrangements for her to go for a ride in a “big rig.” (Thanks, Al!)


This week, we are on a “birthday road trip” back to the place where she grew up — Bend, Oregon. As you can see, this 90-year old isn’t about to slow down!

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4 thoughts on “Birthday Cards

  1. That’s awesome Joann and Janet! And happy Birthday Gracie … keep on enjoying the adventure each day! Love, Rohan

  2. Bend?! I’ve got relatives in Bend! An uncle and a couple of cousins. Wish I were going with you!

    You wouldn’t by any chance want to take a small side trip down to Central Point in the Rogue Valley to say hi to Tamah and my parents? 🙂