Finger Food

Finger food has never really been a part of Chinese culture. It is very rare here to see someone using his/her fingers to eat anything. In fact, I’ve seen people go to great lengths to avoid using their fingers when eating food that is normally eaten with fingers, such as hamburgers, french fries, etc. Did you know that two straws can be used as chopsticks to eat fries? I’ve seen it! China does have a dish that is, in fact, best eaten with fingers, namely Peking Duck. For those of you who’ve never eaten Peking Duck, it’s small slices of fatty duck, dipped in plum sauce, and rolled up, along with green onions, in  a small pancake. Think of it as a duck burrito, and I can assure you that eating a burrito with chopsticks is no easy feat! I was in a restaurant tonight and spotted the solution. The waitress gave everyone at the table plastic gloves so they could eat with their hands!

As the British say, “Brilliant!”