Underwear Festival

I was in my local supermarket earlier today picking up some groceries and spotted a promtional table piled with boxes near the entryway.  I glanced up to read the sign that was hanging above the table and laughed out loud when I saw 内衣节, which translated means "Underwear Festival."

Who knew underwear had its only holiday?


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4 thoughts on “Underwear Festival

  1. I didn’t have my camera with me. And supermarket managers usually frown on people taking pictures in their stores. I may try to sneak one though.

  2. The one I’m using at the moment doesn’t. I need to get a SIM card for my smart phone, but I don’t think I could discreetly figure out how to use it. I’m heading over there later this afternoon with my camera and will try to sneak one. I’ll be with someone so maybe she can create a diversion.