Rushing Aimlessly

Yesterday 3 friends and I did some hiking on Ling Shan (Spirit Mountain), a 2300 meter peak about 90 km west of Beijing.  It’s actually the highest point in the municipal district of Beijing, so standing on the top offers some spectacular views.  It was a bit hazy yesterday, so I don’t have any great photos of the scenery to put up with this post.  We hired a car/driver to take us to a “tourist site” at about 1500 meters, from where we started our ascent.  Now I have to confess here that we didn’t hike all the way from there to the top.  We took a 20 minute chairlift ride to the lower peak, then hiked the rest of the way to the top.  This being China, a stone path had been built right up the side of the mountain.

Since it is a very out-of-the-way “scenic spot”, it turned out to be a  target-rich environment for Chinglish signs.   China Mobile obviously has put up the money for the signs.  Enjoy!

I can assure that we avoided all aimless rushing about in the mountains.  We did, however, spot a group of tourists with matching red hats who seemed to us to be aimlessly rushing about.

Quite honestly, we really had not idea what this was about.  I think it’s just a mis-placed modal (should).

Yesterday there wasn’t such a great difference in temperature so we didn’t have to pay attention to our clothes.

Thanks for the prompts, China Mobile!