Slogans that Changed China

_71144621_smashtheoldSlogans are an integral part of political life in China, with the Communist Party using them to impart to the masses their latest thinking (hence the ‘correct’ thinking’ on a wide variety of issues. Each new political campaign or government initiative requires it’s own slogan.

The BBC recently published a list of 11 slogans that marked significant changes in policy or direction in China. Here’s the abbreviated list, but click the link to read the story and significance of each:

1. Let a Hundred Flowers Bloom! (1958)

2. Dare to think, dare to act! (1958)

3. Smash the four olds! (1966)

4. Smash the gang of four! (1976)

5. Reform and opening up (1978)

6. Seek truth from facts! (1978)

7. Have fewer children, raise more pigs! (1979)

8. Three represents (2000)

9. Harmonious society (2005)

10. Three supremes! (2007)

11. Chinese Dream (2013)

Image source: Online News United Kingdom

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