Shanghai Sidewalk Cafe

What happens when you find yourself with 20 American university students in a pricey Shanghai office tower and in need of a quick and cheap meal before heading to the next appointment? Find a Muslim noodle shop and persuade them to set up tables and stools on the sidewalk and serve us delicious plates of freshly made noodles.



I used to have a colleague who suggested that one of the main roles for foreigners in China was to provide entertainment for the locals. We certainly did our fair share of that today!

And as an added bonus, we got to watch the chefs making fresh noodles right beside us.



Did I mention that I LOVE being back in China??

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4 thoughts on “Shanghai Sidewalk Cafe

  1. Joan, I absolutely agree. Few places are better for Good Eats than a clean, bright, friendly Muslim restaurant. Easy to spot with the distinctive headwear, these establishments are uniformly operated by the friendliest people I’ve found in Shanghai. Not the kind of explosive revolutionaries we see on the tv by any means. Good food and friendly people; what more?

  2. Like your article and photos… makes me miss China. Didn’t know you’d been
    outside China. How long? We’ve been out for nearly 5 years. Now in Israel
    being humbled under the might hand of G. Now that I know you have a site, will
    try to keep up with you.


    Becky Grow