A Painted Piano


Gracie in Victoria

On Sunday afternoon we had some time to kill in Victoria, BC between checking out of our hotel and boarding the ferry back to Port Angeles, WA, so we decided to take a scenic drive along the coast. As you can see from the photo it was a gorgeous day and we could keep our eye on the Olympic Mountains over in Washington.

As we were driving through Oak Bay Village, a trendy beach neighborhood of the city, I spotted a brightly colored piano sitting in the grass between the road and the sea. At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, but when I realized that I had in fact seen a colored piano, I hollered at my cousin to stop the car.

He: Why?

Me: There’s a painted piano on the side of the road.

They (the others in the car): A painted piano? You’re nuts!

Me: No, it’s there…turn around!!

I finally managed to persuade them that that I was not nuts and there was a painted piano, and my cousin turned the car around.

And what did we see?

Sure enough, a painted piano.

Beside the piano there was a sign that said PLEASE PLAY ME. Apparently it was part of a neighborhood art festival.

After my sister had played a few songs, my mom sat down and played “Oh Canada,” whereupon the guys in the nearby parking lot who were tending their kayaks stopped what they were doing and stood at attention!

To the artist who painted that piano and put it by the side of a coastal road in Victoria, we say thanks. It made our day!


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