What is She Doing?

Yesterday, while having lunch with some friends at a cafe in the Ritan Park area of Beijing, we spotted our waitress squatting beside the table next to us.

Leave a comment on this post and tell me what you think she is doing.


I love Beijing!

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24 thoughts on “What is She Doing?

  1. Why scrub at those petrified sweet n sour deposits when you can watch them go up in flames? The domestic version of the ever-popular Chinese fireworks. Or maybe it’s termite season and she’s toasting one where she finds it–or is that just in Africa?

  2. I was going to say burning up cockroaches (yay!), but they are too fast (unless they are already half-dead)! After scanning the photo, I see what appears to be other “dust bunnies” on the floor. I’m guessing that she is burning them up. How these said dust bunnies got there, I don’t know. Maybe she has a side job as a pillow stuffer…or that business is next door! 我也爱北京!

  3. Cottonwood tree fluff – the seeds of the cottonwood tree.

    China planted millions of poplar trees all across Northern China because they are drought tolerant.

    And now it “snows” in the spring.

    • James is right! Beijing has many willow trees which “bloom” 柳絮 in the spring. Look at the big piece to the right bottom of the photo.

  4. See the red canister in the background? I think she’s lighting a fire so she can test the fire extinguisher. While you eat the fumes will only add to the ambiance and your dining enjoyment

  5. Well I googled what I thought it might be and got a lot of weird pictures… yours included… but no others to give a hint… I did find a new treatment of lighting round like objects on a stick and placing them in someone’s ears…. a new cure for the adventurous

  6. A few of have guessed correctly — lighting the cotton from the trees. Stay tuned for a more detailed explanation…..