An Impromptu Road Trip

Yesterday as I was eating lunch with my mom and sister, a friend called from Arizona, asking me if I would be willing to fly to Las Vegas immediately (as in later in the day). He was planning to drive his parents’ car from there to Minnesota, but had just gotten a call that his dad (who had been taken to MN by air ambulance earlier in the week) might only have a couple of days to live. If he drove their car, he might not make it back in time; instead he was driving to Las Vegas to catch the first flight out.

So…last night I flew into Las Vegas and went to the hotel where he had left his parents car (along with the keys, of course).

And now I’m fixin’ to set out on a three-day road trip. I get to drive across my favorite state, Utah!

big white whale


Here we go!

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One thought on “An Impromptu Road Trip

  1. Good that you were available to help, Joann. Have a safe trip! Sometime I’d like to hear the stories about why Utah is your favorite state!