Random Acts of Head Gear

I spent Saturday morning sitting on the veranda of a neighborhood hotel, enjoying the warmth of a late summer sun. The orientation program that I have been a part the past three weeks  finished on Friday, and I had wandered over to the hotel to bid farewell to the participants.

As we were sitting there, waiting for the vans to arrive, a nicely dressed man with a BRIGHT BLUE PLASTIC BAG tightly affixed to his head walked out of the lobby, down the street, and hailed a cab.

It all happened so fast that none of us had time to grab our cameras.

Folks often wonder why I don’t have much interest in movies and television. To be honest, it seems to me that there is little that the big or small screen can offer in terms of entertainment that can top the everyday stuff in my neighborhood.


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One thought on “Random Acts of Head Gear

  1. I’ve seen this in the rain here – not quite this random though! Could be the new status symbol if you get your hair done at a ‘prestigious’, i.e. expensive salon! Yes, the emperor has no clothes and you are wearing a blue bag on your head for no known reason.