Westward Ho!

Travelling season begins again for me tomorrow.  I will by flying out to the city of Kashgar, in China’s Xinjiang Autonomous Region on a 5-day business trip (ed.: rough job!!).  For those of you who don’t know where that is, find Beijing on the map, and trace a line due west until you reach the end of China.  That’s where Kashgar is, near the border with Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kyrgystan, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan.  I guess that puts it in the heart of Central Asia!  On Saturday I’ll be taking an excursion with my hosts to a lake up near the border with Pakistan, which, as some of you know, is the country where I was born. 

I doubt I’ll have much acess to the internet, but I’ll check back in when I return, hopefully with lots of great photos. 

It’s kind of ironic to be making this trip after last week’s journey to Xanadu, because Kashgar was a major crossroads and trading town on the ancient Silk Road, and most likely would have been traversed by Marco Polo on his way to (and from) Xanadu.  He had camels.  I get China Southern Airlines!