Literary Journey – The List (Updated)

Thanks to those of you who came out to my talk last week about China books.  It was great to see you. Those of you who didn’t make it might  be curious to know which books I consider key in my understanding and love for China.

I am posting here the list for your reference.

Starting tomorrow I will post in more detail about each of the books and its influence.

My Literary Journey to being a “Sinophile:” Books that have Shaped My Love for and Understanding of China

Sinophile:  a person who admires or has a strong liking for China, the Chinese, or their culture; friendly to or having a strong liking for China and the Chinese (



1986 – 1990  




Which ones have you read?

UPDATE: More detailed descriptions of the books on this list can be found in the following posts:

Literary Journey – the early 1980’s

Literary Journey — the late 1980’s

Literary Journey – the 1990’s

Literary Journey – the 2000’s

Literary Journey – the Tens






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5 thoughts on “Literary Journey – The List (Updated)

  1. Those books can’t tell you all the truth. I just want to suggest that you can find some realistic photos of Chinease people from the Internet. Use your imagination and you may learn more.

  2. Thank you for your comment. Actually, most of my learning about China has come from the Chinese friendships I have developed over the 25+ years I have lived here. Friends are even better than the internet!