Survival Chinese Lessons

   SCL_cover I'm excited to announce that my book "Survival Chinese Lessons," published by Dawson Media is now available on Amazon.

It consists of 15 short lessons designed to give the learner 'just enough' Chinese to assist him/her in everyday situations.  There is an audio CD included.

This book came out of lessons that I put together years ago for a summer language program in Changchun.

It's a great primer for someone going to China on a tour, for a short-term volunteer or service project, or for somoene who's hoping to settle down in China and they want to take some easy first steps in the language.

Discounts are available for quantity orders.  If you or someone you know is leading a team or group to China, please contact for more information.

A note about the cover:  no, that is NOT a picture of me; rather it is a photo I took of a commuter returning home on a late summer afternoon. 

It's one of my favorites.