joannpittman 16 (1 of 1) bw 2I am a consultant, trainer, teacher, researcher, and writer who focuses on helping people live well where they don’t belong. In my case, that’s China.

I went to China in 1984 to teach English for a year–or so I thought. Obviously my sojourn has had a duration and scope that I never imagined when I first arrived.

I have lived in three different cities in China: Zhengzhou, Changchun, and Beijing (for the past 12 years). I have worn many hats: English Teacher; student of Chinese language; Chinese language program director; Language/culture learning coach; and more recently Consultant.

My roots span the globe. I was born and raised in Pakistan, where my father worked as a professor. My US drivers license is issued in Minnesota, the state where I went to high school and college, where my extended family still lives, and where I now reside. Fortunately I get to travel to China a couple of times per year.

I help people prepare for and navigate the challenges of cross-cultural living through writing, speaking, and training.

I am the author of “Survival Chinese Lessons

Mostly, I am a life-long learner–hopefully of EVERYTHING!